Offset Printing


Success within the manufacturing and retail industry requires more than just a quality product. Customers first notice what your product looks like – on the shelves, in print, and through exposure on digital and social media outlets. In the first few minutes of encountering your product, many customers make their buying decision based on packaging. The look of your entire campaign can make or break a product with your customers.

That is why offset printing is simply the gold standard of the printing industry.

Offset printing is widely considered the best technique for printing multiple colors for full-scale photographic advertisements. The process uses dedicated metal plates for each color– cyan, yellow, magenta and black – that are transferred (offset) to rubber blankets or rollers and then to the print media.

Here are five reasons why short-run digital printing may be a great option:

1. HIGH DEFINITION QUALITY: With offset printing, you can expect a high quality printed image every time. The printer operator can control the ink flow across four color plates, which means there are fewer wasted prints and contrast issues. As a result, you get flawless images on every piece.

2. LOWER COST AND FAST TURNAROUND: The initial set-up process takes a few extra steps that help ensure consistency and speed in printing high volume orders. The quality of the images is better for higher-volume image printing and the overall cost is a factor of the volume requested. Simply put: the more pieces you need, the cheaper cost per piece.

3. PRINT ON MOST ANY SURFACE AND SHAPE: The flexible rubber blanket used in Offset Printing easily conforms to different surfaces and shapes. Print on round containers or plastic bottles or print labels, sleeves, and wrappers with ease.

4. EFFICIENT PRINTING PLATES SAVE TIME AND MONEY: The custom metal plates created for your project are produced easily and cost-effectively. A detailed computer process transfers the images direct to the metal plate with each one having the capability of a million impressions. The print media never touches the metal extending the life of each plate.

5. RIGHT CHOICE FOR YOUR BUSINESS: Offset printing is your best choice for large volume print orders where image reproduction must be high quality color, crisp transfer, and professional grade results. Based on versatility, cost-efficiency and functionality, offset printing easily ranks above of all other printing techniques.

Last updated: May. 15, 2022