It starts with a marketing plan and a creative design. We at Minuteman Press pride ourselves on personal service. We’ll take your vision from the first step and transform it into a creative and professionally produced product.

Design with a purpose

Designers don’t just make pretty things. We know the thoughtful use of design theory and principles, grids and ratios, psychology and color theory, and the skillful use of type to pull elements together that will reinforce a message and build brand loyalty. This professional knowledge and experience goes into building effective visual solutions that will ensure you stand out from the competition and attract potential customers and clients to your business. We live for design challenges and have received national awards for our work. Think of us for logo design, branding, identity, print, packaging, displays, advertising, web and production.

Our online design center is under construction. Meanwhile, let one of our expert graphic designers help you achieve your vision with custom designs you'll be proud to show off! Using photos, charts and illustrations, we can create logos, website designs, and print files that demand attention.