Booklets & Catalogs

Booklets are used for everything from company directories to special programs. We can produce booklets of virtually any size. From design to bindery, we can fulfill your entire booklet printing service needs.

Bind Types

Coil Binding, also known as Spiral binding is a method uses a spring-like coil to join the book’s cover and pages as a unit, but allows them to turn freely. Books bound with this method can lie flat for hands-free reading, making it a good choice for instruction and repair manuals, cookbooks, handbooks, guides, and other reference materials.

Comb Binding, also known as Cerlox binding or Surelox binding, makes use of a cylindrical plastic shape that has multiple curved tines along its length. This rigid plastic shape forms the book’s spine and would resemble a hair comb if it were not formed into a cylinder, hence the name Comb Binding. The comb binding method produces a durable and professional-looking document.

Perfect Binding is commonly used for catalogs, directories and paperback books that have a higher page count. Pages are glued together at the spine with a strong, flexible glue. The cover is wrapped around the glued pages, and the brochure or catalog is then trimmed to its finished size.

Saddle-Stitch Binding is simply a printer’s term for stapling. Printed, folded forms are opened at their centers (half the pages on one side and half on the other side) and then gathered or nested together – each form falling on top of the next in proper order while riding along a chain.

Thermal Binding is one of the best methods to binding any documents. One of the main selling points is that you don’t need to punch any holes before you bind! This allows you to achieve a very clean and professional look for your documents.

Wire Binding is a style of binding commonly used for businesses to create professional-looking documents. The wire, often referred to as wire comb or twin-loop / double-loop binding, has two small loops of wire that go through each punched hole. This style of binding is used to create books, reports and other documents. Wire binding is also used to create calendars, when used in conjunction with wire hangers. 

Saddle Stitch Books (Standard & Bulk Run)

BOOKLETS (Saddle Stitch) - Standard & Bulk Run