Digital Printing


When it comes to printing, there are many different options depending on the complexity of the project, the number you need and your deadline. While traditional methods such as offset printing are used for larger projects, short-run digital printing can be the perfect solution for a smaller number of pieces, and ideal for events such as conferences or presentations.

Here are five reasons why short-run digital printing may be a great option:

1. IT SAVES TIME: While traditional printing requires setting up of the press, which includes setting the plates and preparing the ink, the digital printers are always ready to go. Smaller jobs can be completed in the time it takes to run copies – only with dramatically better results. And projects that require less time allow for more last-second changes.

2. IT SAVES MONEY: Offset printing is still the best method for large jobs in large quantities. The cost for setting up the presses is justifiable when you need 10,000 copies of a 28-page magazine. However, 250 copies of your presentation handouts that used to cost a fortune are now available with digital printing for a price that makes sense. You also don’t have to over-order to protect yourself against running out. There really are not volume discounts with digital – you are paying for what you need.  If you need more, just print more.

3. IT ALLOWS DESIGN FLEXIBILITY: Design is subjective, and can change depending on circumstances. With offset printing, companies often print in bulk to save money, which sometimes makes sense. However, it could create issues if a piece needs to be changed, and you still have boxes left in the storage room. If a company relocates, changes hours or even email addresses, its materials are outdated and useless. With short-run digital printing, you can print in smaller numbers and easily update your materials as needed.

4. THE RESULTS ARE OUTSTANDING: If you only need a handful of annual reports, your office color copier may be calling your name. However, consider your audience and what impression you are trying to make. Short-run digital printing has improved dramatically in recent years and is often indiscernible from offset printing. From magazines to postcards, it is often difficult to tell the difference. You would be wise to get a quote on the cost of printing your reports digitally and avoiding the possibility of a report that looks homemade.

5. IT CAN BE PERSONALIZED: A significant benefit of short-run digital printing is the ability to customize each piece to the individual recipient. With the ability to add a name, an address or any other personalization, each person knows that piece was printed just for them.

Last updated: Sep. 13, 2018